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About Us

Idealin Fogging Systems, pronounced as “Ideal in Fogging Systems” is one of the pioneers in the field of spot humidification and ULV foggers across India & overseas. We dedicated ourselves to this field from 1998, when the meaning of the terms “humidity” and “fogging” were rarely
understood and incorporated in the Indian Industry, apart from some. Today, we have educated various sectors and continuously cater to Textiles, Hospitals, Cold Storages, Nurseries and
Greenhouses, Laboratories, Mushroom Cultivation, Pest/Germ/Odour control, Medical Packaging, Cement Curing, Warehousing etc.

We rely on four basic fundamentals.
1. Quality (without compromise)z
2. Timely Delivery (without excuses)
3. Competitive Pricing (without negotiations)
4. Effective After Sales Services (without reservations)

Our vision is to be the largest and most successful manufacturer of spot humidifiers and foggers in INDIA by 2018.

Our mission is to attain our vision through development and delivery of systems that are versatile, affordable and consistent in performance globally.

Tech Care

TechCare range of products from IFS, having latest
innovations of science and technology.
Demystifying Technology behind precise
Humidity Control and fogging, concerning Life Care.
Experience the all new Care Technology


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