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With DIGICON, the desired R.H. level can easily be maintained in your room/department. This controller device works on a PCB design and a relay system. A control system is the critical component of humidification process. Just set the required RH % level and that will be maintained throughout. Added features have been incorporated to ensure that your humidification system becomes a completely automated process. The device will ensure that the required Humidity Level (RH %) is always controlled and maintained in your enclosed room/department.

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ROTOSTAND is a swivelling equipment, which oscillates the humidifier(s) / fogger (s) at max. 120o angle constantly. Generally, static humidifiers (positioned at one place), tend to discharge humid particles in a particular direction, while leaving the surrounding area untapped. The result is that pockets of different RH levels are formed inside. With ROTOSTAND the humid particles are distributed evenly inside the closed area and thus each & every corner of the room is treated uniformly. Efficiency of the humidification system increases by virtue of using this accessory. Available in Single & Twin model.

FILTREX consists of a Filter assembly & cartridges. Your feed water line is connected to the filter assembly such that inlet water is first passed through the Filter assembly to clear dirt sediments, particulates and then directed towards the water which flows out to the humidifier. The Filter assembly and cartridges can be cleaned with ordinary water.

We recommend using this system along with RO/DM water treatment system where ground water is directly used for humidification.

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