Nanofog® Foggers - The most advanced ULV foggers for aerial disinfection

About Products

IFS products have vast acceptance because we follow the TechCare ideology.

We offer wide range of products unlike our competitors, to tackle various conditions and
applications since we believe that emerging businesses demand specialised solution. Our products are designed keeping in mind YOU, our client who faces diverse industrial and commercial
activities daily.

Our humidifier/humidifiers is/are made from durable engineering plastic and all metal
components from SS304 grade or higher. Generally, a humidifier has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years without needing oiling, greasing, consumables etc. Spares of humidifiers are conveniently available
ex-stock since we maintain an inventory of all the parts. Valuable accessories are also
manufactured to assist the humidification process. A complete one-stop
spot humidification solution !!

Our fogger/foggers is/are made from durable engineering plastic and all metal components from SS304 grade or higher. In fact in some cases, we even use SS316L grade to meet application’s needs. Generally, a fogger has a low lifespan of around 5 to 8 years due to its inherent design and work culture. Spares and consumables are readily available to ensure that fogger downtime is kept to the minimum. Various accessories are also available to add to the overall value from fogging.

In a nutshell, at IFS, technology, research and innovation move hand-in-hand to design and develop new features in our existing products and to build new models with time. Our dedicated Research & Development team works hard, to ensure that experiences of our client (YOU) is always fruitful and rewarding.

Tech Care

TechCare range of products from IFS, having latest
innovations of science and technology.
Demystifying Technology behind precise
Humidity Control and fogging, concerning Life Care.
Experience the all new Care Technology


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