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IDEALIN FOGGING SYSTEMS manufactures humidifiers & foggers for various indoor applications. Our range of humidifiers falls in the category of Cool Mist Humidifiers and foggers in the category of ULV foggers in India. All our products are portable, user friendly and aesthetic in nature. IFS products are technologically superior because a lot of attention is paid while designing and developing each product to ensure that it caters to rigorous working conditions as expected from Cold Room humidifiers, Banana Ripening humidifiers, Cashew Kernel humidifiers, Laboratory humidifier and foggers for Hospitals, with minimum of fuss. Naturally, our products rarely meet a challenging environment where they struggle to perform. The basic function of our Humidifier is to increase humidity in the air without any dripping. This is possible by breaking water into very fine microns and dispensing it such that, the air absorbs these microns and becomes humid. On the other hand, our (ultra-low volume) ULV Foggers creates a fog typically containing a chemical (water/oil based) for disinfecting the micro-organisms in an enclosed room/area.

We innovate. Continuous exploration of the world of science and technology fuels our never ending passion to create more meaningful and better products.

Established in 1998 as a marketing firm and later diversifying in 2002 as a manufacturer, we have grown to our current status as a global player in the field of spot humidifiers and ULV foggers in India. We have a pan-India sales and marketing network and also export to > 25 countries.

We hope, you find the information on this site useful. Once you fill our enquiry/feedback form, available in contact area, with adequate details, we assure to carefully attend to your queries and revert promptly.

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IFS is an ISO 9001: 2008 registered company.
All its products are 'CE' certified and
exported to Asian, European and African countries.

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Tech Care

TechCare range of products from IFS, having latest innovations of science and technology. Demystifying Technology behind precise Humidity Control and fogging, concerning Life Care. Experience the all new Care Technology