DIGI-OS-ROT-C (With Rotronics Sensor)
DIGI-OS-ROT (With Rotronics Sensor)
Digital Humidity Control System
Extended wired sensor for greater accuracy (5 mtrs. length)
Imported Humidity Sensor (Accuracy 3 RH, Optional 1.8 RH)
LC DIGICON (With Standard Sensor)
LC DIGICON (With Rotronics Sensor)
Automatic function with ON/OFF indicator
Humidity Control Range : 30% to 90% (Optional upto 95%)


With DIGICON, the desired R.H. level can easily be maintained in your room/department. This controller device works on a PCB design and a relay system. A control system is the critical component of humidification process. Just set the required RH % level and that will be maintained throughout. Added features have been incorporated to ensure that your humidification system becomes a completely automated process. The device will ensure that the required Humidity Level (RH %) is always controlled and maintained in your enclosed room/department.

Options Available

Model Application
Digicon (STD - 4)
with Standard Imported Sensor
For applications requiring to control humidity upto 80% RH.
Digicon (IST - 3)
with IST sensor from Switzerland
For applications requiring accurate control of humidity between 80% to 95% RH.
Digicon (IST - 1.8H)
For Heating Mechanism & with IST sensor from Switzerland
For applications using "FOGMAX Humidifier with Heating Mechanism to control humidity between 90% to 95% RH."