Ultrafog Humidifier

It never rests. (24 * 7 workhorse)
Only portable industrial humidifier in INDIA (10 kgs only)
Fog output is generated at a height of 3.5 ft from ground level @ 45 degree angle
Highest energy saving model in the industry today (90 watts only)
High humidification capacity of 1.50 ~ 2 Ltrs / Hr
Capable of generating high RH levels (even > 90%)
Larger area coverage of 1500 ~ 2500 Cubic fts.
Application: All sections of Textiles, Cold, Strong Halls and Cold Rooms, Greenhouses, Special purpose applications etc.

ULTRAFOG is the most versatile and complete industrial humidifier of the 21st century. A product which ensures droplet free humidification in any application. It works on the centrifugal principle and can effectively break the supplied water in very fine particle size of 2 ~ 4 microns. Due to its innovative design, the fog can be directed both horizontal and vertical, thereby allowing you, as a user, more flexibility of use. The fog particles always evaporate in the air (thus increasing room humidity), irrespective of rigorous working conditions. It does not require compressed air or water pressure pumps for its working. Depending on the application, it can be used with / without air-filter surrounding its air-suction grid.

Technical Specifications

Particle Size 2 ~ 4 Microns.
Power Supply Single Phase, 220 ~ 240 VAC / 50 Hz.
Operating Temp. 1 ~ 50 Deg. C.
Humidification Capacity 1.50 to 2 Ltrs./Hr.
Power Input 90 W.
Water Connection 0.5 Inch (< 5 Kg/cm2).
Area Coverage 1500 ~ 2500 Cubic fts.
Dimensions 370 X 370 X 1100 Mm.
Weight 10 Kgs. (dry).


Quality Control Rooms, Laboratories, Research Chambers, Small Conditioning Rooms, Cold Rooms, Food/Medical Packaging, Curing, Horticulture etc.






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Spike Guard (for extension)

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Stand (L Angle) for Installing Humidifier

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Water Refill Arrangement